v_1: Kyla Matsuura-Miller / Babicka

Kyla Matsuura-Miller / Babicka

Series Six : v_1

Friday 8 March 2019 / 8pm // Collingwood Underground Car Park

44 Harmsworth Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Kyla Matsuura-Miller

Set One — Kyla Mastuura-Miller

Magnetic violinist Kyla Matsuura-Miller and her quartet kick off Series Six with American minimalist icon Steve Reich’s landmark work ‘Different Trains.’ Composed in 1988 for string quartet and tape, the piece uses recorded speech to create melodic lines, “The basic idea is that carefully chosen speech recordings generate the musical materials for musical instruments,” Reich writes. An extended meditation on the Holocaust, the piece came from the composer’s childhood memory of travelling on trains back and forth between LA and New York, and his adult reflection that had he been a child in Europe in the 1940s his fate may have been very different, “As a Jew, I would have had to ride on very different trains.”


Following ‘Different Trains’ the quartet skip back 900 years and dive into the otherworldly drone-based music of 12th Century German composer, philosopher and mystic Hildegard von Bingen. Born in 1098 Hildegard was educated at a local Benedictine monastery. From a young age she experienced visions, and was celebrated during her lifetime as a prophetess. She wrote widely—on topics including medicine and science—and was also a prolific poet and composer. Her musical legacy—which includes almost 80 works—is one of the largest of any medieval composer.


Australian Youth Orchestra


Steve Reich // Different Trains
Hildegard von Bingen // Instrumental Piece I
Hildegard von Bingen // Instrumental Dance II
Hildegard von Bingen // O Virtus Sapiente


Kyla Matsuura-Miller // Violin
Cameron Jamieson // Violin
Henry Justo // Viola
Steph Arnold // Cello


Set Two — Babicka

Babicka is an endearing term for grandmother in Czechslovakia, it’s also the name of one of Australia’s fondest selectors.


Bradley has experienced the whole gamut of the scene. From dancer to DJ, record store owner to record label curator and producer, as well as holding down a five year weekly residency at famed Australian nightspot, Sugar.


His musical style and knowledge traverses the unknown and unwanted to carefully considered and classic, which has resulted in slots at legendary venues such as Panorama Bar as well as integral warm-ups for myriad artists that many would consider a bucket-list to hear.


Babicka is a real gem of Australian dance music culture and well worth your body and time whenever you need it most.


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This event is 18+

Collingwood Underground Car Park is fully accessible. If you have an access enquiry or requirement please get in touch with Play On directly – info@playonmusic.com.au