Melbourne Music Week / Fia Fiell and Zela Papageorgiou

Melbourne Music Week

Play On presents: Fia Fiell and Zela Papageorgiou

24 & 25 November 2017 / Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne


In a departure from its high-energy classical meets electronic nights Play On presents an evening of otherworldly sounds in the intimate setting of the Mission to Seafarers’ Norla Dome.

Ambient electronic artist Fia Fiell premieres a site-specific composition that draws on her background as a classically trained pianist and composer. The multi-channel work incorporates acoustic elements and weaves together meditative, microtonal sound-worlds to create a distinctive unearthly soundscape.

Support provided by rising Melbourne percussionist Zela Papageorgiou. With a practice focused on sonic and textural possibilities, Papageorgiou performs music by John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Anthony Pateras (Aus) and Carolyn Schofield (Aus).

Fia Fiell / Electronics
Zela Papageorgiou / Percussion


Photography by Alan Weedon